56 ways to relieve stress

you can do anything but not everything

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Money, relationships, work… deciding what to wear… everyday decisions can add even more stress to your life. But there are ways you can try de-stress. These ways won’t work for everyone and every type of stress, but even trying something new for a minute or two could be just the escape from stress you crave.

The reasons for stress are varied, sometimes we bring it on ourselves, other times we have stress inflicted upon us – I find I can handle stress better when I’ve made a plan on how to deal with it. I usually talk it over with a friend or family member which helps too… as that old quote ‘ a problem shared is a problem halved’.

We all get stressed from time to time so here’s a cheeky list of things to try relieve some of that stress.

  1. wake up 15 minutes earlier to get a head start on the day
  2. phone an old friend for a chat
  3. take a ‘walk’ break instead of a ‘coffee’ break
  4. go for a run
  5. get up and stretch
  6. smile
  7. plant a flower
  8. go fishing
  9. draw a picture
  10. ask for help
  11. apologies for something you have done wrong
  12. get a massage
  13. take a dog for a walk
  14. do a puzzle
  15. go for a swim
  16. play golf
  17. take a drive
  18. lift weights
  19. watch a movie
  20. talk about it with a friend
  21. hug someone (or a tree)
  22. look at the clouds
  23. smell a rose
  24. take a different route to work
  25. have a shower
  26. take a kid to the playground
  27. make love
  28. write down your thoughts and feelings
  29. take a deep breath
  30. do one thing at a time
  31. do yoga
  32. cry
  33. count to 100
  34. tell a joke
  35. go to the beach
  36. buy a plant
  37. listen to music
  38. take a bath
  39. read a good book
  40. stand up straight
  41. listen to birds
  42. listen to your heart
  43. drink herbal tea
  44. delegate jobs to others
  45. get some sleep
  46. fly a kite
  47. meditate
  48. enjoy the little things
  49. manage your time
  50. laugh
  51. try aromatherapy oils for stress relief
  52. apply magnesium oil
  53. avoid stressful situations
  54. squeeze a stress ball
  55. do a head stand
  56. eat a banana

Remember, just because you ‘can’ do anything doesn’t mean you should!

What are your go to solutions for dealing with stress?