Simple Eats // Microwave Bacon + Eggs

I am all about finding ways to simplify our lives – especially when it comes to meal time. Some days we have breakfast for dinner – and we are perfectly okay with that (because BACON!).

And what makes it even better is that we can make our Sunday morning  staple Bacon and Eggs in the microwave! Granted microwave bacon and eggs aren’t as pretty as a cafe breakfast, but they taste the same for a much nicer price.

Recipes - Eggy Muggin

I did not come up with the egg in a cup idea at all, i’m merely recommending it. I find it super easy to whip the kids are some scrambled eggs before preschool when all I need to do is a few minutes (and a few eggs). Get the recipe full here

Crispy Bacon

Bacon? in a microwave!

Really Jess? Yes, really! Plus cooking it this way means minimal mess.

To make: Line a microwave-safe plate with paper towel. Lay strips of bacon on the paper – don’t overlap the pieces otherwise it won’t cook evenly. Cover bacon with another sheet of paper towel (this will avoid covering your microwave with bacon fat!). Cook for approximately 3 minutes on the highest setting, or 90 seconds per slice. (Another option is to sandwich the bacon between two plates (centre facing), I remember my Dad doing this many a time when we were younger, but I had totally forgotten about microwave bacon until Pinterest reminded me!

For more simple/yummy looking meals check out my Yum! board on Pinterest.

Is bacon gluten free?


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