My Minimalist Wardrobe – who need’s a capsule wardrobe when you can just have a smaller one!

For over a year I have been working my a capsule wardrobe, after being inspired by a few like minded bloggers. Project 33 something I wanted to try. except I didn’t want to wear 33 items for 3 months at a time, I just wanted to own 33 items of clothing. I’ve done really well and downsizing my closet. Most recently I ditched my striped sweater and 2 skirts because a) I never wore them and b) I didn’t feel my best when I did. I found watching videos on youtube helpful to get me to a smaller everyday wardrobe. These two in particular:

The following items make up my current year round wardrobe. Except I also have an extra black t-shirt.  It’s worth pointing out that I don’t own these exact items, just similar ones… although in an ideal world I would own almost all of them!
short sleeve tops
Untitled #22
long sleeved tops
The only part of my wardrobe I am having trouble being brutal about minimizing are my shoe and jewelry collections.  It’s not surprising though, when I went backpacking in Canada I took 13 pairs (1/4 of my collection), so it’s safe to say I kinda like shoes. I’ve since cut back a lot and now I own probably around 13 pairs in total.
This wardrobe works so well for me. I’ve been finding it even easier to get dressed and to mix and match pieces now everything goes together so well. I’m on the hunt for another cardigan – probably grey and heavier weight and also a black pashmina – I used to own the perfect one that I scored really cheap from a market in London, but I have no idea where it’s gone – to be fair that was about 10 years ago and I don’t think any of the items in my current wardrobe are that old!
And you probably want to see an example of this minimalist wardrobe at work.. here it is.. I wore this outfit doing errands on Saturday. I think switched out the top (which is actually one of my black and white dresses), for a plain black one, swapped my parka for a black blazer and my chucks for tan heels. It was the least amount of time it has even taken me to decide what to wear for a night out, and I can chalk that up to having far less options to choose from!

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