Armed with a duvet cover, cardboard box and a crazy idea in my head I set off to make a headboard for our super king bed without breaking the bank.

Our washing machine inconveniently broke down, but the replacement conveniently came in a BIG box – the kids were momentarily using it as a play house until I saw this post for a DIY headboard on Pinterest.

I could do that!

The process

I measured the width of the bed and used a craft knife to cut the cupboard at the right length. The height of the box was OK, once I folded down the top flaps to keep the line across the top as even as possible. I cut off the bottom box flaps with the knife too.

I had the basic headboard shape – now I just needed to find something to cover it with. I hunted at Kmart for a table cloth and did a quick lap around a fabric store – anything I liked was WAY out of my non-existent budget. I felt dejected and was about to give up and recycle the box (as my husband had strongly suggested).

Turns out the answer to my problems was already in my bedroom – a cheap linen look duvet cover I had purchased from The Warehouse, that I was planning on sending to the op shop, because it was pilling. I slide the cover over the cardboard and folded then secured the excess fabric on one side with a few safety pins. This was a great option because I didn’t need to sew or staple anything.

Cardboard headboard diy pinterest

I pushed my new cardboard headboard up against the wall and hey presto – it looked good. I didn’t want to go to the effort of buying foam to pad the headboard unless I actually liked it in the room – which I do.

I haven’t figured out a cheap alternative to ‘pad it out’ just yet, but I am leaning towards a single duvet inner or a single bed foam mattress topper.

Cardboard headboard diy pinterest

Need more inspiration?

  • Check out Pinterest for other DIY headboard ideas… not only cardboard… great uses for pallets and other items too!

diy cardboard headboard