Clean your room! My kid is a hoarder.

Taylor is loving school. Bringing home a new book every night, which she proudly reads aloud to us at least twice! She’s very creative – always making things out of cut up cardboard, paper and stickers. But, she’s also a very messy kid. She struggles to tidy up after her masterpieces have been made.  We tidied up her room the other day… when I say we… I mean me. It took less than 24 hours for her to mess it up again. Her brother by contrast is a tidy boy who neatly lines up his shoes and dinosaurs. Having a clean floor makes his room an even better space to play so Taylor can often be found playing with her dolls in there instead, after she’s run out of floor space in her own room.

Sometimes I wish I could take away all their toys so that it feels less like ground hog day when I have to pick things up repeatedly. Kat said he only had sticks when he was a kid growing up in Samoa, I’m not sure I could do that to my own kids and Archer with a stick could spell trouble, so for now I’m counting down the days until they are old enough to care when I threaten to withhold pocket money if their rooms are a mess.

How old were your kids when they started keeping their own things tidy, cleaning their room or doing regular chores and do you have to bribe them with pocket money to get it done????